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Rebellion internship?

Hey, I'm interested in joining your guys' rebellion but I'm still in college.  Are there any internship programs I can take with you guys to earn credits and help bring down the federated alliance at the same time? Or should I focus on one before the other?  Thanks! #jtfa

- Austin Beltran

Dear Austin,

Glad to hear you're already thinking about joining the Rebellion before your undergraduate degree is complete! Know that our only internship is the opportunity to stare evil in its hideous mug, and sock it hard on the jaw. As for the specifics of the programs, it all depends on where your interest lies. 

Do you inspire the hearts of your fellow sentients? You might just be the next Rolphus Tiddle or Sisoo Gundu, so you should be supporting them in Rebel Leadership. Are you handy with machines? Then you might be sent to Telish VI to work on hyperdrives with Skuller Kanso. Just don’t stare at his tentiles. Be you a thrill seeker? You'll fit right in with me in Flight Ops, refueling fighters as we gather recon on vital Federated Alliance supply networks. Of course, if you're not sure where you belong, or all of those sounded like a little too much for you, we're always looking for more interns in the Mission Operations Management department. 

So weigh your options carefully, Austin, and follow your heart. Experience with the Rebellion looks great on a resume, assuming you're not hoping to work in Federated Alliance space after graduation, of course. Remember that a great question to throw back at any interviewer is "What brought you to the organization?" and as always, juck the Federated Alliance. 

- Hark Tartigast, signing off!

Seth Lind