Make a site!



Isn't this the one of the best infoweb sites you've ever visited!? We thought we'd have to get the word out the old fashioned way, with elaborate handshakes and secret phrases written on tiny scraps of paper that we always lose in our flight suit pockets. We obviously still do a TON of that, but now we also have this super sweet website! We've only recently built it, and will be updating it regularly with important rebel intel. Come back biweekly at the very least.

And get this: The site was super easy to make! There's this tool called Squarespace that's available on most inhabited planets, that lets anyone easily make a professional site. With Squarespace, The Rebellion doesn't even need skilled infoweb site designers, so 100% of our engineering resources can go toward improving hyperdrive technology and increasing the range of our fighters' admittedly putzy ion cannons. You can start out with a free trial by visiting squarespace.com/zyxx. And when you're ready to purchase a site or domain, use offer code ZYXX for 10% off. Plus you will be supporting the noble cause of The Rebellion: totally rubbing Flarn excrement it in the faces of the janky Federated Alliance.

Because juck those guys.