As we all know, Former Ambassador Turk Manaked and his crew dealt a CRIPPLING BLOW to The Federated Alliance by destroying Administrative Starship The Delegator. Since then, Captain Manaked has been our Rebel of the Month for five months and counting, and countless notes of appreciation have been pouring into The Rebellion. Here's a sampling.

Want Cpt. Manaked to be RotM next month, too? Send us a nomination with your own messages of thanks for Turk. Or, you know, nominate someone else if you must.


Turk Manaked rules! Juck The Federated Alliance!! What-ow!!!! My dad said I could say it!! Let go of my arm! Do you know who my dad is!? He is gonna beat your bottom.

- Centurion Tiddle, Age 7


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yuh.

- Do'Jakka Marath, a swath of sentient moss on Do’Jamn


Whoa, Turk Manaked blew up The Delegator!? I, like, thought it was actually those other... ah, who am I kidding, we were on SO MUCH DUST how could I pretend to remember. Wink, do you remember? 

- Sammo, rebel spy


Ummmmmmm yep totally, Sammo. I compleeeeeeeeeeetely remember being on SO much dust. Like, this much. I'm spreading my arms out, can you see it Sammo!? Is there a color smaller than zero?

- Wink, rebel spy


Damn you Manaked, you traitorous runt! We trusted you with our strongest, best equipped, most luxurious and beautiful ship: Tiny Toots. We will track you to the ends of the galaxy, never resting until we capture or destroy you, unless we need to take a break to pursue our side hustles!

- Honorable Councilor Trink of the Council of Seven